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>Using Resources for Localization with ASP.NET 2.0

> To localize a Web application we can use resource files. There a three way of using resources in ASP.Net 2.0 to localize a web application. * Use ResourceManager to get a string programmatically * Use Implicit Localization * Use … Continue reading

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>10 Tips To Create Effective ASP.NET Server Controls

> Microsoft did a great thing in introducing ASP.NET server controls. Finally, programmers don’t have to touch tedious HTML code. But Microsoft only went half way. MSDN lacks resources explaining “good” server control design and books seem to shy away … Continue reading

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>T-SQL: Distributed Queries Stored Procedures

>SQL Server 2005 supports the following system stored procedures that are used to implement and manage Distributed Queries. sp_addlinkedserver sp_indexes sp_addlinkedsrvlogin sp_linkedservers sp_catalogs sp_primarykeys sp_column_privileges_ex sp_serveroption sp_columns_ex sp_table_privileges_ex sp_droplinkedsrvlogin sp_tables_ex sp_dropserver (Transact-SQL) sp_testlinkedserver (Transact-SQL) sp_foreignkeys SamplesSample 1–Create a linked server.EXEC … Continue reading

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>Bài diễn văn về chó hay nhất

> Diễn văn của luật sư George Graham Vest tại phiên tòa xử vụ kiện hàng xóm làm chết con chó của thân chủ, được phóng viên William Safire báo New York Times bình chọn là hay nhất trong các … Continue reading

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