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House for rent in Saigon

Nhà trống nguyên căn 1 trệt 3 lầu. 4 phòng ngủ, 3WC. Diện tích sàn 68m2 (4×17). DTSD 260m2. Địa chỉ 17/6 Mê Linh, P.8, Q. Bình Thạnh. House for rent in Ho Chi Minh city, 4 floors, 260sqm, 4 … Continue reading

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T-SQL – Avoid deadlock and workaround in SQL Server

>Here are some tips on how to avoid deadlocking on your SQL Server: Ensure the database design is properly normalized. Have the application access server objects in the same order each time. During transactions, don’t allow any user input. Collect … Continue reading

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Dropbox – Lưu trữ, chia sẻ, đồng bộ hóa thư mục trên nhiều máy tính.

>Ổ đĩa trực tuyến Dropbox – Lưu trữ, chia sẻ, đồng bộ hóa thư mục trên nhiều máy tính. Đây là 4 ưu điểm để bạn chọn Dropbox làm nơi lưu trữ dữ liệu trực tuyến của mình: Luôn luôn … Continue reading

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Vượt tường lửa (firewall)

> Sử dụng các proxy/socks: Để tìm được các proxy/socks, bạn có thể truy cập vào một số trang proxy miễn phí như , ,… Khi truy cập vào, bạn sẽ nhận được một danh sách các … Continue reading

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WCF Bindings needed for HTTPS

> I just finished writing my first production WCF application, which worked very well until I deployed it to our production environment.  All of a sudden none of the WCF calls would work, and I would get a JavaScript “TestService … Continue reading

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Eight Things Your Employees Want From You by Melissa Raffoni

> I often have to remind the dedicated, smart CEOs I work with that leading takes time and energy. Directing the feelings, attitudes, actions, and behaviors of a team is a big task. Often, I also hear the secrets of … Continue reading

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Did Your Boss Thank You For Coding Yourself to Death?

> Programmers love to work long hours! There I said it, c’mon admit it, your job/boss doesn’t make you do it, we do it to ourselves. Alright, I’ll concede, maybe not all programmers love long hours, but surely with the … Continue reading

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