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>10 Tips To Create Effective ASP.NET Server Controls

> Microsoft did a great thing in introducing ASP.NET server controls. Finally, programmers don’t have to touch tedious HTML code. But Microsoft only went half way. MSDN lacks resources explaining “good” server control design and books seem to shy away … Continue reading

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>10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications

>Author: Rob HowardThis article discusses: Common ASP.NET performance myths Useful performance tips and tricks for ASP.NET Suggestions for working with a database from ASP.NET Caching and background processing with ASP.NET Contents Performance on the Data TierTip 1—Return Multiple ResultsetsTip 2—Paged … Continue reading

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>Keyboard Shortcut in ASP.NET

> Keyboard shortcuts are well known facility in Windows desktop applications and make application user’s life much easier. Although beginners like to use a mouse, that habit usually disappear after some time when user becomes more experienced, because keyboard shortcuts … Continue reading

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>Setting the default button in ASP.NET form

>Using Javascript Hitting the enter key in a TextBox can sometimes have undesired effects like the wrong submit Button being “clicked“. The method described below allows you to specify a default Button to submit when the user hits the enter … Continue reading

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>Paging of Large Resultsets in ASP.NET

>Author: Jasmin Muharemovic Source code: PagingTest Introduction The paging of a large database resultset in Web applications is a well known problem. In short, you don’t want all the results from your query to be displayed on a single Web … Continue reading

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>Tracking and Resuming Large File Downloads in ASP.NET

>Source code: It’s notoriously difficult to deal with large file downloads in Web applications, so for most sites, woe betide users if their download gets interrupted. But it doesn’t have to be that way; you can make your ASP.NET … Continue reading

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>Sending files in chunks with MTOM Web Services and .NET 2.0

>Source code: Introduction In trying to keep up to speed with .NET 2.0, I decided to do a .NET 2.0 version of my CodeProject article “DIME Buffered Upload”, which used the DIME standard to transfer binary data over web … Continue reading

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