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>COM Interop Exposed

>Introduction Microsoft realized that the very first version of .NET needed a way to work with the existing Windows technology used to develop applications over the past 8+ years: COM. With that in mind, Microsoft added support in the .NET … Continue reading

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>10 Tips To Create Effective ASP.NET Server Controls

> Microsoft did a great thing in introducing ASP.NET server controls. Finally, programmers don’t have to touch tedious HTML code. But Microsoft only went half way. MSDN lacks resources explaining “good” server control design and books seem to shy away … Continue reading

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>FileHelpers Library

> Homepage: Source code: (Recommend to download at Filehelpers homepage for the latest version) The FileHelpers are a free and easy to use .NET library to import/export data from fixed length or delimited records in files, strings or … Continue reading

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